Past, present, future.

I recall you as a little girl I was so fascinated with the sky-how blue it was.

Long white clouds, fields of violet, the gentle brush of the breeze through the fresh green foliage making waves in the golden ricepaddies.

Seeing this makes my heart sing, even now.

The tree in my backyard bloomed with the night stars, flowing one by one into the stream of my imagination. The gentle flow of the stream glittered as though it is intricately weaving something with shimmering gold and silver string.

As time passed, I struggled with the diverting paths of my dream and reality.

I woke up to accept reality and the life before me.

Today, I finally see the harmony that has come to exist between elements that I once though contradicted each other in such chaotic world.

New life is inspired through their influence on each other, resonating in union. It emerged, glistened, flowed into the stream, and then reached its natural conclusion.

This journey has tied the past to the present, giving me a new starting point that will guide me into my future.